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Angela Marino

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In January of 2014 I moved to NYC to start my next adventure as color run friends
Event Logistics Coordinator with Metropolitan Hospitality for the NY Mets. In this role I manage a group of 12 part time staff to implement all non game day events at Citi Field. I work with the client on the layout of the event, set up and break down on the day of the event and management of all vendors participating. In 2014 I helped plan The Color Run in May 2014, DigiFest in June 2014 and CannonBall Production’s Bacon and Beer Festival in July 2014. In each of these events I communicated between departments at Citi Field and the client to ensure the ballpark’s integrity was maintained while the event went smoothly.

My past role is the D.C. Event Manager in the Entertainment department. The city manager and I work together to create one of a kind experiences for customers to purchase in the DC area. These events range to Ziplining and Beer beerfesttasting to a Yoga Boat cruise to our classic Beerfest. While the City Manager handles the negotiations; I handle the logistics. From staffing to on site organization I plan the A-Z intricate details of the event or Adventure. My team of 40 plus Event Coordinators leadthese events and work with the customer. Their interaction creates a VIP experience at every event.

For 18 months I worked as Event and Travel Coordinator for LivingSocial.  In my position I helped plan unique events for the company during conferences. I was the point of contact when it came to planning conferences or meetings. The past year plus has brought 7 conferences that I assisted in planning. Each conference ranged from 100-700 people in attendance. I managed the negotiation to implementation stage on a majority of them. I scheduled with the content creators to make sure the hotel met their needs. Each conference had its own night life aspect. I researched and set up cost conscious unique evening events in each city for the attendees. These conferences occurred all over the United States for a variety of different LivingSocial employees.

In May 2011 I graduated from James Madison University with a degree in Media Arts and Design, concentration in Corporate Communication, with a double minor in Spanish and Music Industry. During my time at JMU I learned how to market products, make creative advertisements and communicate through Social Media and traditional mediums. Though my Principles of Advertising, Informational and Communication Technologies and Photojournalism classes I worked to create unique materials to market products and understand how social media fits into marketing plans.

My minor in the music industry gave me a great understanding of the basics. Through my Marketing of Recorded Music class I studied the advances of press kits and web pages. Also in my Artist Management class, I gained real world knowledge by interviewing Randy Nichols, manager of The Starting Line, Underoath and many more. At JMU, I was the director of Center Stage, our concert production club on campus. I have helped produce over 15 concerts at JMU, booking 6 myself. These shows are held in a 1,300 capacity venue or a 3,000 capacity venue. One concert in each of these venues sold out on the first day of ticket sales during my tenure as director. I managed a budget of $170,000 budget to allocate throughout the year. I awarded Executive Council Member of the Year my senior year.

I had an internship with Live Nation for credit for my minor which added real life concert planning experience. I was the booking intern in the Manassas office, Jiffy Lube Live. This experience taught me how booking multiple venues works. While working with the talent buyer, Ted Mankin, I learned how booking large-scale events goes from receiving the contract to watching the band perform on the stage.

Media Experience:

Here is a collection of projects that I have created during my 4 years at JMU in an online format. The following portfolio lists projects from past jobs, class assignments and contributions towards my club’s blog.

  • Creative Material from being a marketing coordinator at a restaurant (left)
  • Flyer from a Festival I booked on campus

Along with my interests in the music industry and marketing I am extremely into photography. Please check my flickr account for some examples.

Professional interview with an artist manager, Randy Nichols. He worked for Red Light Management, managing 5 bands schedules of touring and recording. November 2009

audio file available upon request

Artist Manager Interview Analysis

An advertising campaign for Big Brothers Big Sisters March 2010

Big Brothers Big Sisters

My blog contributions to my club, The University Programming Board

Angela’s UPB blog posts


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