Animals of Thailand

Day 5 in Thailand: time for Elephants. Who does not want to play with an elephant? We booked with the Blue Elephant Thailand tours. This tour was attractive because it starts off in the mountains riding and bathing elephants, from there we head to zip line, then to tiger kingdom and a bonus trip to […]

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Phuket to Chiang Mai

Some vacations are full of lazy beach days; my vacations are rarely like those. Here is what I mean, we spend our last day in Phuket on the Simba Sea Trip. This early morning excursion takes you out on a speed boat around to more lagoons. Since there are over 200 small islands it does […]

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Under The Sea

It’s day 3 in Phuket and we are finally settling in. It is funny how quickly you become accustomed to a new lifestyle. 5am wake up calls and hour long car rides are always worth it when they end at the water. Today’s excursion is scuba diving, I clap my hands with excitement as we […]

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Explore. Dream. Discover.

530am. Time for day two. Today’s excursion was run by Two Sea Tour. While my friend went scuba diving I decided to explore more of Phang Nga bay. Like most tours this tour includes transportation and meals. I am scooped up and have some early morning chats with the passengers in my bus. It is […]

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Hong by Starlight

As we turn the corner to enter customs I am not sure what to expect. We are greeted by 500 people chaotically shuffling to get through. Awesome. We have an hour until our bus is supposed to leave for our first kayaking trip. Time to join the shuffle. An hour later we squeeze out and […]

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Heading to the Far East

Asia. About as opposite from our Western culture as you can get. The language isn’t latin or germanic based. The populations are drastically higher than ours. Day to day life isn’t even comparable… or so I thought. Growing up and learning about the world Asian countries always gave me a slight nervous feeling for all […]

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