Sicily: Mt Etna

When the Sicilians speak of Mt Etna it is always as a woman. She is hot, temperamental, gives life but also kills. They definitely respect her. It is hard not to when from every corner we went to you could see her in the distance smoking. As we climbed the mountainous side in a off […]

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Sicily: Taormina

My first night in Sicily was spent trying to translate Italian with 4 new Sicilian friends at my old college roommate’s apartment. I learned the easiest way to connect is to play beer pong. Competition brings out everyone’s excitement and you don’t need to understand the words because context says it all. Thank you for […]

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Italy: The Feast

A feast in Italian means two things; religion and food. First, I will explain the religion then walk you through the food. So apparently centuries ago someone buried a statue of the Madonna because of an approaching war. She was buried with her hands facing outward and stuck into a pot. Whoever buried her must […]

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Italy: Cercemaggorie

In 1928, my great aunt, her 3 brothers and her mother boarded a 2 week long boat ride. They had never left their small town outside of Naples and they definitely did not know English. The braved their way across the Atlantic and into America. They settled in Greensburg, Pennsylvania like many of their old […]

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