English? Wow. Finally back into a country whose language I speak fluently. Now my spanish improved tremendously while abroad but at that time my english decreased. Unfortunately I find myself in England and Spain struggling. Picture this: It is 4pm in Madrid, our day was spent battling the metro to downtown, asking directions, reserving hostels […]

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Sin Para

Madrid. 6 million people. 32 JMU students and Jesús (our coordinator). Only allowing 2 days in the Capital of Spain required us to basically jet set through everything. After the 3 hour drive to Madrid we arrived at the Museo del Prado, one of the world’s most famous museums. Our tour guide Laura, walked us […]

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Tryin to tapa that

One of my new favorite things: tapas. After my conversation class, filled with jokes and songs, and travel writing class, recently renamed travel raging, it is 12 o’clock. Now in Spain, 12 o’clock does not mean lunch time. Lunch happens at 230 with our families. Those 2.5 hours seem like weeks away when breakfast is […]

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The Land of Shells

Hi Ho Hi Ho its off to Northern Spain we go! Some friends and I went to Santiago de Compostela for the weekend. El Camino de Santiago fell on the 5th of June. It is a religious pilgrimage starting in France and ending in Santiago de Compostela. The main attraction here is the Church of […]

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Move, Shake and Drop

Saturday in Portugal- the most active day of my life. It all began with an one hour bus ride to a beach about 30 minutes away from Sintra. The beach was a side trip but we had to make time for it! The beauty of the streets takes ahold of you. The water follows the […]

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Portugal: que loco

Some JMU kids and I visited Lisbon, Portugal last weekend. The number one question was: what language should we speak, English or Spain? Which was odd considering I have never considered speaking anything but English in the States. Our crazy bus driver takes us over to Portugal on a scenic 8 hour bus ride, stopping […]

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