Ireland: Dublin; Sláinte

With only two days remaining we board the train back to Dublin. We have a full line up ahead of us but luckily everything is pretty close and walking distance from the Jury’s Inn. Since we get in around 12pm we head to the main event: The Guinness Storehouse. After this we grabbed a quick […]

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Ireland: Galway

3rd hotel of the trip and I wake up confused. Slowly it all comes back… Galway, Cliffs of Moher. Let’s go. It is a 15 minute walk to the downtown center where the buses leave from. We start the walk over and board the 55 passenger bus with our jovial Irish driver. I picked Galway […]

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Ireland: Blarney Castle

The problem with planning a trip to the fullest is there isn’t much flexibility… unless of course you travel with an event planner. During our Ring of Kerry tour we decided that since we were in the southern part of Ireland already we should try and make our way over to Cork for the Blarney […]

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Ireland: Ring of Kerry

Its raining again. Not a shock because you know Ireland but today we are heading towards the Ring of Kerry! I found a great company on Trip Advisor, Mor Active tours. They have a ton of different options but as I was traveling with my family we kept it a little less adventurous and a […]

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Ireland: Killarney

Welcome to 9am in Dublin. Pack the bags. Inhale the breakfast. Call the Hailo. Unload at the train station. Board for Killarney. After a 20 euro trip, which for 5 people is a deal, we arrived at the station. Since we booked our tickets online they actually assigned seats for us with our names above […]

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Ireland: Dublin, North Side

Touch down 103am, Dublin, Ireland. The airport is clean, easy to navigate and has wifi. Within 30 minutes we were through customs and had our luggage. Unfortunately the rest of the Marinos were waiting to get off the plane..for an hour. We learned that there are not many outlets in the baggage terminal as it […]

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Aalways Touring: Ireland

No the title isn’t mispelled. This is my new travel #. Follow along with my adventures on instagram – now onto the trip details! Family vacation – the words mean something different for everyone. Some people associate it with lots of booze and headaches while others think of arguments. In the Marino family, our vacations are mostly full […]

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