Where to go in Iceland

Recently I cannot get online without seeing incredible pictures of Iceland. From Justin Bieber’s music videos to every travel post on Twitter. It is THE place to go right now. With incredibly cheap flights from WOW air there is no reason not to go. Last year I took a trip with some friends to explore. […]

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2015: Double Time

In 2015, I felt this theme of doubles. It was my second year in New York. I started and finished the year with two different jobs. I lived in two different apartments in two different boroughs. Some people would shrug this consistency away but not me. “There is no where you can be that isn’t […]

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Iceland: Reykjavik

I wake up in my familiar hostel bed, feeling at home. It is impressive how quickly we embrace the familiar. It shows you even thousands of miles away you can find comfort. Home really can be where you lay your hat. The schedule is wide open today. We left day 4 open to explore Reykjavik […]

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Iceland: The South East

Rise and shine on day 3 and I am not feeling so hot. I had a couple late night sprints to the bathroom and I am blaming the lamb/chorizo or the not eating all day or eating such rich food or hiking for 12 hours. I am having trouble committing. Regardless I can feel that today […]

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Iceland: The Gold Circle

God Bless black out curtains. Its 7am and I can feel the sun streaming through the windows of our hostel. Early morning today so we can kick it in to high gear. Today we have crafted our own Gold Cirlce tour. Renting a car was a fantastic idea because we were not stuck with 800,000 tourist […]

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Iceland: The West

Its 9:08am and I am running down 34th st thinking why did I do this to myself again. As I see 11th ave I slow down because I know the Megabus and my 9:10am bus are waiting. As I unload my bag and sit down to eat my muffin which of course got smashed in […]

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