Euro Road Trip: Belgium

Its 10am in London and 5am in New York and I have just landed in Gatwick. Groggy but excited I make my way out of the plane, through the terminal, through customs and out to change my money to euros. Cash in hand and its time to find Enterprise for our getaway. From the North […]

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Prague: Christmas Town

We land in Czech Republic and it is a bit dismal. I learn that it is called the Czech stare, they have had such difficult times with all the world wars which brought depression and a low economy. But onward, we jump on the bus, transfer to the subway and head into town. Our hotel, […]

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Amsterdam: Follow the Lights

Waking up officially on Netherlands time, we grab some free breakfast and head into the city for some museum tours and the Heineken experience. First stop is the Ann Frank House. I cannot explain how much of a mental, physical and emotional impact standing in that attic had. The fact that they spent 2 years […]

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Ireland: Dublin; Sláinte

With only two days remaining we board the train back to Dublin. We have a full line up ahead of us but luckily everything is pretty close and walking distance from the Jury’s Inn. Since we get in around 12pm we head to the main event: The Guinness Storehouse. After this we grabbed a quick […]

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Ireland: Galway

3rd hotel of the trip and I wake up confused. Slowly it all comes back… Galway, Cliffs of Moher. Let’s go. It is a 15 minute walk to the downtown center where the buses leave from. We start the walk over and board the 55 passenger bus with our jovial Irish driver. I picked Galway […]

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Ireland: Blarney Castle

The problem with planning a trip to the fullest is there isn’t much flexibility… unless of course you travel with an event planner. During our Ring of Kerry tour we decided that since we were in the southern part of Ireland already we should try and make our way over to Cork for the Blarney […]

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