When people say this to me: “You are so loud.” “Stop being so intense.” “You are, um, aggressive.” “You should get your nails painted.” “Are you going to change?” “Hey, smile!” “So, why are you single?” “You’d be much cuter if you were smaller” “Don’t write, its dumb” I say this: I will be intense; […]

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2016: Adventure

2016. Geez. There are many things to be sad and angry about but I am trying to focus on the positive side. Here are my top 3 reasons to smile including one of my favorite songs from the year; Adventure by Cheat Codes. 3 music festivals: Firefly with Chipotle for work Panorama with Macy’s for […]

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My America

As I take the elevator up to the 18th floor at work I look around. I am the only woman surrounded by 8 Hasidic Jewish men. Later when I pop out for lunch, I decide on Thai and walk up 9th ave. There are 3 I can choose from. Everyone of the employees is Thai and […]

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Saluti to the best chef

When you think of family what comes to mind? For me its Christmas in my great Aunt Tina’s basement. We would take every table in her house and arrange it so the 20 of us could sit. Wine would be poured and the cousins would be catching up. But the real action was always upstairs […]

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2015: Double Time

In 2015, I felt this theme of doubles. It was my second year in New York. I started and finished the year with two different jobs. I lived in two different apartments in two different boroughs. Some people would shrug this consistency away but not me. “There is no where you can be that isn’t […]

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2014: No Repeats

Concentration. 64. No repeats or hesitations. Ill start. You follow. Category: 2014. Remember that game? If you don’t it was basically a clapping game we used to play on the playground. The categories ranged from names to tv shows to cities. Whoever said something that had been said before would lose. Pretty simple game. I […]

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