Day in the Life

event planning has the potential to be glamours with backstage access but at a minimum it is always full of micro problem solving. here is a sneak peak at one of the three 12 hour days I had this week during our Super Bowl City activation. tomorrow we open to the public. bring on the football fans- we are ready!

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BabyQ Shower

Back in January one of my best friends from college gave me and my friends the best news; she was expecting. Amidst freak outs and way to early belly rubs we squealed thinking what this means. One of the biggest events before the baby comes is the baby shower. My friend Becca asked me and […]

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2013: A Year of Firsts

2013 started weird for me. My new year’s resolution was to try 10 new things, last years was to travel to 10 new cities. Definitely a hard time to be positive with the lay off in November on top of that it is the winter which I hate.  But I got up, stopped feeling sorry […]

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Beer Galore

Almost a month back at LivingSocial, wow time flies. From skiing at Wintergreen to Ziplining at Go Ape to Moonlit bike and boat around the corner its been an eventful ride that isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Today our biggest event goes onsale: Beerfest. This two day event with around 10,000 people and 90 different […]

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Why not?

Life is spontaneous. Unless you choose to live it otherwise. I always remind myself of this through this blog I follow Liveunbound. They highlight individuals that live for the moment not plan for the future. With this attitude I took my new job. Now back at LivingSocial but in a different world- I am the DC Event […]

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Take the Risk

Yesterday, LivingSocial laid off 400 people and I was one of them. Now Thursday was hard but I am not here to bash them. I am here to tell everyone how when you work for a start up company you take a risk on them as much as they take a risk on you. When […]

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