Guess Who Blogs? The Government

The following blog post is the transcript for the video clip linked here. It is common to hear PR executives say “everyone is blogging now!” but is this really true. One organization that blogs that may surprise you is the Smithsonian Institution. This Institution began in 1826 when a British Scientist left a large sum […]

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Insurance: The New Entertainer

When a serious fan is considering attending a concert a the ticket price, location and date are considered. Once these things are determined to be possible for the fan tickets are bought and the waiting game begins. Depending on the venue anywhere from 500 to 5,000 people can attend. This is the fact that most […]

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Moving the Web to the Road

Ford is giving away cars?! Technically yes, Ford had an event going on called the Fiesta Movement where 100 people were given cars for 6 months. They were given the cars and asked to document their time spent with the car through a number of missions. Youtube channels and flickr accounts were created to show followers […]

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Cisco Sells and Saves Online

Some companies are inherently connected to today’s online society though their product. Cisco launched a new router, Aggregated Services Router, recently with the help of social media. Everything about Cisco’s product and mission involves online communication and interactivity. Even their website promotes connection over the internet; their slogan is “the human network”. Videos illustrating the […]

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The Best Bloggers

Everyone is talking about blogging. Companies in all industries have begun blogging about company service, products or issues. Although many companies are blogging, not many CEOs of these companies are blogging. Michael Sebastian of Ragan Communications has written an article about a new study on bloggers. In the article “Study: 64 percent of the world’s […]

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