Aalways Touring: Ireland

No the title isn’t mispelled. This is my new travel #. Follow along with my adventures on instagram – now onto the trip details!

Family vacation – the words mean something different for everyone. Some people associate it with lots of booze and headaches while others think of arguments. In the Marino family, our vacations are mostly full of beaches, pasta, booze and some disagreements, being that we are Italian we have some strong opinions. For 2016’s big trip was decided as Ireland. A bit of a different type of trip than our normal excursions. As the resident traveler, event planner and moderate control freak I took on the planning.

Here is our itinerary if you are looking for an adventure.

Day 1: Dublin

Day 2: Killarney

Day 3: Killarney

Day 4: Blarney Castle

  • Transportation: Private Transportation from Cronin Coaches
  • Activity: Blarney Castle for the Blarney Stone

Day 5: Galway

Day 6: Galway

Day 7: Dublin

  • Transportation: Train from Galway to Dublin
  • Hotel: Jury’s Inn
  • Activity: Guinness and St Stephen’s Garden and Once the Musical

Day 8: Dublin

  • Activity: Trinity College, Dublin Castle, St Patrick’s Cathedral, Jameson Factory
  • Hotel: Jury’s Inn

Day 9: Fly home

In the next couple posts I will highlight each activity and take you on the family fun. Now get out there and explore!

“Think you’re escaping and run into yourself. Longest way round is the shortest way home.”  James Joyce


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